M12 Connector Series

  • High Density 60, 68, 160 & 200 Pin I/O Backshells
  • SCSI Octal Exit Die Cast Backshell
  • VHDCI Connector & Backshell

  • Smart Serial Cable Connector/Backshell
  • Smart Serial Board Connector
  • P.C.B. Connectors
  • Cable Connectors
  • EMI/RFI Backshells: Aluminum & Metalized
  • V.35 Contacts: Stamped or Machined
  • Adaptors & Gender Changers
  • D-Sub Backshells: Die Cast, Metalized Plastic & Plastic
  • Contacts: Standard & High Density
  • Adaptors
  • Cable or Panel mounted
  • Shielded and Non-Shielded
  • Available in A, B, C, D & P coding with 3, 4, 5 and 8 way coding

Now Partnered with Deltron AG!

CDM Jevons Inc. are very pleased to announce our partnership with Deltron AG of Switzerland. Our alliance presents many new quality products well matched with CDM Jevons products. Please follow the link below to review the vast selection of standard and custom connectors offered by Deltron AG. D-Sub; Filtered, Combi – Power & Coax, HD, IP67/68, PCB, Press-Fit, Profibus, M8/M12, Circular and so much more. Visit Deltron AG's website to learn more!

Welcome to CDM Jevons Inc.

CDM Jevons Inc. is an innovative supplier of connectors and connector accessories to the telecommunications, transportation and industrial automation industries. Our primary products focus on enhancing EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness and improving data transmission rates over copper wire connector systems.

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